1999 Cache Hitters Image Gallery

8/2/99 vs The Dammed

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Stef and Scott warm up before the big game Cache Hitters stand around in bewilderment Dan follows through Kate follows through
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Millie follows through You see, the camera takes about a half second to "click" Scott will probably run if he hits it Josh sends Tom scampering halfway to second and back (F-9)
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Haircules stands in Me, about to hit a weak grounder to short Tiger hustles Alamanga!
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The 1999 Cache Hitters and Debbie's shadow Again but with more aluminum Josh heads for the beer Kate models my mom's glasses from 1963
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Millie and Stef dressing alike; Mini-Tom pinches Josh's shoulder The O-Fer Brothers Striking camp The Ass. Man. and Kate's rear end