2002 Cache Hitters Image Gallery

8/6/02 vs. Revolting Masses
tj20020806_01.jpg (142212 bytes) by Rosie with Tony J.'s camera tj20020806_02.jpg (145544 bytes) by Rosie with Tony J.'s camera tj20020806_03.jpg (119477 bytes) by Tony J.
8/6/02 Team Picture #1 8/6/02 Team Picture #2 Andy doesn't get to catch the ball
8/7/02 vs. PPPL Junior Varsity
tj20020807_01.jpg (71883 bytes) by Tony J. tj20020807_02.jpg (212597 bytes) by Tony J. tj20020807_03.jpg (65919 bytes) by Tony J. kw20020807_01.jpg (79559 bytes) by Kevin
Iannis at bat Watching a big hit JV's pitcher makes some adjustments Russ throws the ball in while Mini-Kam stands on Tony's head
kw20020807_02.jpg (87756 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_03.jpg (112615 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_04.jpg (87393 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_05.jpg (97736 bytes) by Kevin
Brad's "ready position" Kam's "ready position" Larry's "ready position" Dan waiting for a throw that never came...
kw20020807_06.jpg (82940 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_07.jpg (81740 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_08.jpg (106011 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_09.jpg (109873 bytes) by Kevin
The fearsome foursome Larry throws one in The wind up... ...and the pitch!
kw20020807_10.jpg (72425 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_11.jpg (76393 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_12.jpg (173864 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_13.jpg (89111 bytes) by Kevin
Russ relays to Kam while Iannis checks the runner Game over; Cache Hitters advance to Championship Game Good game, good game, good game... A Happy Camper
kw20020807_14.jpg (111865 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_15.jpg (111588 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_16.jpg (42300 bytes) by Kevin tj20020807_05.jpg (88823 bytes) by Tony J.
Molly strolls through the crowd Abhinav and Brad Get ready... Alamanga!
tj20020807_06.jpg (116517 bytes) by Tony J. tj20020807_07.jpg (81166 bytes) by Tony J. kw20020807_17.jpg (76950 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_18.jpg (122694 bytes) by Kevin
Wooooo! These cookies are AWESOME! Tony J. Dan "Big Bucks" and Lynn
kw20020807_20.jpg (113057 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_21.jpg (130217 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_22.jpg (73174 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_23.jpg (138089 bytes) by Kevin
Andy Debbie watches the sunset while Courtney exercises Iannis demonstrates his bin packing technique Iannis, Larry, Rosie
kw20020807_24.jpg (140221 bytes) by Kevin kw20020807_25.jpg (140207 bytes) by Kevin tj20020807_04.jpg (161000 bytes) by Tony J.
Fran "The Man" Buddies Are you playing tomorrow?
8/8/02 Post-Season Party at Kevin's
tj20020808_01.jpg (70447 bytes) by Tony J. tj20020808_02.jpg (71226 bytes) by Tony J. tj20020808_03.jpg (61215 bytes) by Tony J.
Iannis makes a point The gang Tony W. enjoys a cupcake